Botox for Breasts

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A lot was written about Botox, pros and cons were discussed but it’s a fact that more and more women tend to use it to look younger. Now the news: Botox can be used to improve the breast look as well. Not make it bigger, just make it look better.


This treatment is perfect for mothers who are desperate to look their best for a party or wedding. The injections into the bust tighten sagging cleavage and give it back its pre-pregnancy perk.

Breast surgery is expensive and takes lots of time for recovery. Botox is a better choice in this case – half and hour and you are beautiful again! But let me remind you one more time – it cannot give you a boost. It cannot be a regular treatment either – just a confidence-booster ahead of a special occasion.

Sach Mohan, a surgeon with cosmetic surgery chain Transform, said:

A young woman who has recently been pregnant might not have very much in her wardrobe that fits. But she is under pressure to look good just weeks after giving birth.This is another tool in their armoury.’

Botox injections into breast, ‘Breastox’, can be done at least three months after giving birth.The operation is done under the effect of anaestetic cream to numb the pain and the patient is given around 12 injections into the pectoralis minor chest muscle. In the result the injected muscle freezes and causes other muscles in the back to strengthen. This way the bust lifts up.

Women can go for Botox to get rid of wrinkles caused by ageing or too much sun as well.

Gwen Davies, Transform’s head of non-surgical treatments, said:

Wrinkles on the chest area are very ageing and a dead giveaway to a lady’s age, and sun-worshippers are most likely to suffer deeper set wrinkles.

Sun damage rapidly ages the skin, leaving it wrinkly and saggy and unfortunately, while many women are cottoning on to wearing sun cream to protect their faces, they’re not paying the same attention to their chests. Botox is now an accepted form of anti-ageing for the face, but our practitioners are constantly researching new ways it can be used to create a more youthful look on other parts of the body.’

The technique is the best for women in their 20s and 30s with A and B cup breasts, takes around two weeks to take effect and lasts for around three months.

Injections can be repeated but to have a permamnent effect it is more reasonable to try a breast uplift operation.

Botox is used in many ways: making faces look younger, stemming heavy sweating, preventing teeth from grinding, in the treatment of migraine and even easing some of the damage done by strokes.

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