Blackout Tattoos Are A Hot New Trend

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Girl with blackout tattoo

If you’re seeking an immunity boost from a tattoo session or simply don’t have a specific design to ink, there’s a new hot trend in the industry called a ‘blackout tattoo’. You can simply ask for a certain part of the body (usually significant in size like an arm) to be inked entirely in black and enjoy both health and style points.

Although you can use it to cover up past mistakes, you probably won’t be able to get rid of this one. The tattoo enthusiasts should be careful when choosing which body part to black out.

There’s also a question of design, placement, and edging. Yeah, you simply ink the skin with black dye, but you can make it a bit more pretty and unique by asking for creative edging, shape, or even design.

The originator of the trend tattoo artist Chester Lee (his @oddtattoer has lots of blackout pics) was merely suggesting blacking out as a means of cover up, but later the trend took off as an art form of its own.

blackout back tattoo

Blackout legs tattoos

As you can see there is more than one way to do a blackout tattoo, but as with any other ink however small this should be a well thought out step.

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