Beyonce Knowles’ Heat Scent Earns a Lot

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Beyonce Knowles has already sold $3 million worth of the scent in a month in the US. 72,000 bottles of the singer’s fragrance Heat were purchased during one in-store appearance in New York. That made it the number one brand in department store Macy’s where it’s exclusively sold.


Beyonce has previously told how happy she is about the positive reaction from her fans toward the mix of magnolia, neroli and blush peach scents composing the fragrance.

She said:

“I’m so happy with it. I’ve been working on it for a while now. I was on tour for a year, and I have meet-and-greets with fans. I’ve never in my life gotten so many compliments. They makers have tests, but that was my testing! The fans loved it. They were like, ‘I love that, I’m getting that, why isn’t it out right now? I need it!’ “

Beyonce was involved in all areas of the fragrance’s design and the name came from her shows.

She added:

“A lot of my performances have had fire involved, so we thought Heat. Also, red is one of my favourite colours, as is gold.”

The singer, who has previously been the face of both Giorgio Armani’s Emporio Diamonds and Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star, also said the bottles design was vintage inspired.

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