Best Hair Image at Elle Style Awards 2010

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The Elle Style Awards 2010 took place at the Grand Connaught Rooms on Monday (February 22) in London, England. And there were a lot of stars we always examine finding someone gorgeous and someone far beyond style circle. Now we are going to look through the images of the invited and decide if they are approved or not.

Leona Lewis Elle Style Awards 2010

Leona Lewis’s look was chic. Her bright lipstick matched perfectly the black Alexander McQueen. And her accurate knot at the back of her head.

Olsen Twins looked different from each other, but it was good.

Olsen Twins Elle Style Awards 2010

Dannii Minogue’s simple wavy do ideally fit her gorgeous gown.

Sophie Ellis Bextor looked bright and stylish!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s hairdo was none, but it allowed enjoying her scarlet gown.

Dannii Minogue, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on Elle Awards 2010

Daisy Lowe’s appearance was pretty slovenly including her hair and all.

The pageboy cut looked quite nice on Agyness Deyn.

And the Twilight saga star Kristen Stewart was ridiculous. Everything looked strange in her image.

Daisy Lowe, Agyness Deyn, Kristen Stewart on Elle Awards 2010

Bafta, Donna Air and Claudia Schiffer win our image approval as she was elegant and in taste.

Bafta, Donna Air, Claudia Schiffer on Elle Awards 2010

Jo Wood’s loose straight hair in addition to her black-silver dress looked just right.

I’m not sure if Pixie Geldof’s fits the event but in any case she singled out.

Jaime Winstone’s wavy combed back hair was pretty nice, but something looked a bit wrong but what? Maybe her hair color?

Kylie Minogue’s image was like hot and elegant. Her chic-length-a-bit-wavy hair complete her look well.

Jo Wood,Pixie Geldof, Jaime Winstone, Kylie Minogue at Elle Style Awards 2010

The trio Lisa Snowdon, Nicola Roberts and Naomi Campbell were completely different from each other, but they were stylish. Their dos finished their image creating some spicy note.

Lisa Snowdon, Nicola Roberts, Naomi Campbell on Elle Awards 2010

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