Beauty World Abuzz: There Is Website For Renting Nail Polish

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Beauty World Abuzz: There Is Website For Renting Nail Polish

Beauty world is abuzz because there’s a new thing in town called Lacquerous, dubbed Netflix for nail polish. Basically the company rents nail polishes to anyone who wishes. For a monthly fee you get to choose your favorite lacquers which are then sent to you in a box for you to use till return. That’s the way to try the lacquers from latest collections.

How It Works

There are two steps to get you wearing luxurious lacquers. First you have to request an invite to join the Lacquerous community. Then you can login and choose your favorite lacquers from the season’s offerings. The monthly rate for renting and sharing nail polish is $18 and you receive three designer polishes that are available at Lacquerous with a pre-paid return packaging. The company encourages users to treat nail polishes carefully considering the future users. Once the lacquers are returned you get another shipment.

Beauty World Abuzz: There Is Website For Renting Nail Polish


The brands listed on the website right now include Deborah Lippmann, MAC, Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, NARS, and Butter London. With shipping in the United States only Lacquerous provide a free of charge shipping for members by using USPS only.

Addressing ‘No Sharing’ Rule

Almost each beauty rule article doesn’t forget to mention that we never ever share our beauty products with even closest relatives or friends. And while it is true Lacquerous is all about sharing. The company adressed the issue of hygiene of sharing that sparked the debate by inviting a microbiologist and get an expert opinion on whether sharing nail polish is safe. The expert said it was since the lacquers consist of high number of solvents where most bacteria microorganisms won’t survive.

What do you think about nail polish sharing?

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