Beautiful Two-Toned Eyeliner Color Combos

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Beautiful Two-Toned Eyeliner Color Combos

Two-toned eyeliner is a cool and fresh alternative to regular makeup. But to pull it off you have to combine the right colors. Whether you use both eyeliners on the upper lid or both upper and lower lids they should go well with each other regardless of being complemetary or contrasting.

To create a two-toned eyeliner look you can use neutral black and pair it with any other bright color or choose two eyeshadow colors that go well together and apply one to the upper eyelid and another which is more suited for your eye color to the lower lid.

Beautiful Eyeliner Color Combos

  • Turquoise and purple
  • Aqua blue and yellow
  • Pink and purple
  • Neon green and turquoise
  • Royal blue and green

Beautiful Two-Toned Eyeliner Color Combos

The look can be completed with neutral and natural lip color like beige, brown, pink or simply a sheer lip balm. If these combinations are too dramatic for you opt for regular black eyeliner for your upper lid and colored eyeliner for the lower one or create a second colored line above the black eyeliner.

When choosing the two colors for your two-toned eyeliner look consider the color of your eyes and skin tone. Pink eyeshadow may not be the best choice for too a pale skin tone.

Beautiful Two-Toned Eyeliner Color Combos

Beautiful Two-Toned Eyeliner Color Combos

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