Beat Warns about Over-Exercising!

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Visiting the gym we rarely think of the amount of exercises we practice. But when we are under the control of the coach, that’s ok.

The leading UK charity for people with eating disorders and their families – Beat, said that the gyms should list the “sportsmen” that attend them to control fitness addicts.

Beat Warns about Over-Exercising1

Compulsive exercisers feel forced to exercise, often for hours every day, in order to burn calories. Doctors say up to 75% of sufferers also have eating disorders and are risking serious health problems.

The charity also wants gyms to take a record of people who might have a history of eating disorders. GPs say teenagers and young people especially should try and limit gyms sessions to three to four 45 minute sessions a week.

Beat Warns about Over-Exercising

In fact everyone who trains in a gym fights against the unwanted weight, so it is hard to define the over-exercising. The best way to work out your body healthily, it’s to take sessions with a professional trainer.

Be careful, Beat says!

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