Avon and Reese Witherspoon Against Violence

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The cosmetic American brand Avon in collaboration with the State Department and Vital Voices that works with women leaders in the areas of economic empowerment, women’s political participation, and human rights organized a breakfast meeting to launch the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Women held inside the U.S Department Of State’s Benjamin Franklin Diplomatic Room in Washington D.C., on Wednesday morning (March 10).

Reese Witherspoon is against violence for Avon

Being the spokeswoman for Avon, Reese Witherspoon actively participated in the event of the Global Partnership that appeared to be the response to the nearly one billion women who will be affected by violence in their lifetime.

Reese Witherspoon is against violence

The actress stared the meeting along side with the President of the Avon Foundation for Women, Carol Kurzig, Avon Chairman and CEO Andrea Jung and US State Department Ambassador Melanne Verveer.

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