Aroma Horoscope August 2009

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All we understand that stars make a certain effect on our character, our attitude to life, to people, to things and even aromas. If you are at the crossroads of what perfume to choose for the present: modern or favorite, this aroma horoscope will surely help you.

Knowing the birthday date of the person you can distinguish which fragrances she likes and even know how these perfumes are called.

Miss August – Leo


Leo possesses an inexhaustible resource of energy that all of others can be envy about. An ideal perfume for this sign is a combination of flower and classic compounds. The most sensitive Leo is usually to the rich aromas.

Narcissus smell is able to inspire him and drive away the dismal mood. Wood notes develop Leo’s self-confidence and root the proper pride. Leo won’t be able to resist himself from a big bottle fancifully dressed into the yellow, green or golden packing.

For Women: Eternity, Miss Dior, Paris, Poison

For Men: Havana, Polo Sport, Roma Uomo, Zino Davidoff



The vast majority of Virgos is extremely reasonable and adores everything and everyone follow their rules. Strong floral aromas and exotic smells make them feel romantically if only the sense of reality doesn’t prevail. Virgos like fragrance bottles of sharp geometrical shapes. Blue and green wrapping is preferable.

For Women: Anais Anais, Diva, Paloma Picasso, Roma

For Men: Jazz, One, Sculpture, Angel



Libra can cope with any obstacles that others can’t. They like roses. Sweet aromas improve their self-confidence. And warm tobacco smells rise up the resoluteness. Libra will be absolutely pleased if you’ll present a rounded bottle in the blue-green packing.

For Women: Gabriela Sabatini, Poeme, Priscilla Presley, Venezia

For Men: Hugo, Declaration, Boss Elements, Black Seans



Resolute nature of Scorpio pushs him to do what he wants to do! His motto is: “All-or-Nothing!” if have enough courage to gain him, you’ll get a staunch friend. Scorpio likes blue flowers, probably it’s because it’s the color of their element and it calms them down.

Citrus aromas stimulate their spiritual power. Vanilla smell soothes his spiritual wounds and makes him more available. Scorpio can be impressed by the asymmetric fragrance bottle in the dark-blue, dark-red and saturated-green wrapping.

For Women: Contradiction, Extravagance, D’Amarige, Vanessa

For Men: Tommy, L’Eua D’Issey, Eternity, Dune



The bulk of Sagittarius is a born optimist. Their fire element leads them in their ideals search. Thanks to the positive attitude to the world and to people, they have a lot of friends.

Bouquet of African daisy make his heart beat faster. And the aroma of lavender, citrus and moss effect like a “the elixir of life” onto him. Sagittarius will like the perfume fragrance of unconventional shape of royal-blue or fiery colors.

For Women: L.B. de Ricci, Sculpture, S.Jacomo, Champs Elysees

For Men: Escape, One, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana



These people honour traditions, order and responsibility. One of their favorite flowers is camellia. But their taste in perfumes is pretty non-traditional: tobacco and skin aromas. Jasmine smell captivates them.

Tart scent of moss, wood and herbals stimulates their focus. Present them some tart perfume with floral-fruit accent in massive bottle and some dark packing, for example, of pitch-black, dark-blue or dark-green colors.

For Women: Ocean Dream, Organza, D&G, Rocco Barocco

For Men: Hugo, Yatagan, Havana, Green Jeans



Aquarius is a unique follower of freedom and independence. He is in the constant search of the new and unidentified. This sign is attracted to the perfume with elegant floral aroma (rose and oranges scents in particular).

These fragrances turn their heads and soothe at the same time. The desirable wrapping for Aquarius is violet-red or cool-blue but with silver hues!

For Women: Anais Anais, 1881-Cerruti, XS, Oh!

For Men: Kenzo, Polo Sport, Opium, Roma Uomo



Despite the fact that Pisces are delicate and sensitive, they are capable for energetic actions that allow them being strong in hard times. They have some sort of the subconscious connection with lily and orchid. The sense of beauty is expressed by the rare flowers and moss scents.

Mimosa aroma inspire and stimulate them for the new deals, strengthen their capacity to get the feel of other people moods. Heavy or balmy moss and ambergrease scents arouse tenderness and fantasy in them. Make him glad with fragile form bottle in pastel shades packing.

For Women: Champs Elysees, Roma, Jungle, Diva

For Men: Fahrenheit, Sculpture, One Man Show, Minotaure



The motto of this fiery sign – “Always Ahead!” Aries draw up the plans enthusiastically but rarely implement them. They like classic fragrances with strongly expressed aromas.

Pungent smells stir them to activity, persistence and attentiveness. Wood notes make them feel better and inspire for the good deeds. Cherry blossom gift wrapping tint impresses Aries most of all.

For Women: Allure, Coco, Opium, Chanel 5, Magie Noire

For Men: Kenzo, Green Jeans, M.Jordan, One Men Show



Taurus is happy when piece and harmony reign in his family. Changes and innovations are far beyond his understanding. Taurus likes picnics and he is not a stranger to romanticism either.

Spring lilac twig can easily turn his head. The most right perfume for Taurus is the one with floral notes and bergamot aroma. This fragrance stimulates his aesthetics and inclination to laziness. Slight whiff of forest moss allows them to take easier the changes arising in them some businesslike characters.

Taurus will be glad to see a big perfume bottle in the brightly red or green packing.

For Women: Amarige, Champagne, Organza, XS

For men: Egoist, Fahrenheit, Hugo, Yatagan



Gemini is curious by their nature. He is the ardent supporters of new ideas. Gemini wants to try everything and all together, in fact he burns their fingers on this frequently.

Stars say that citrus notes fit perfectly their active life style, because this smell positively influence their state of mind and self-discipline. Spicy fresh greens effect them just the same way. You’ll afford Gemini a great pleasure when presenting a playful bottle of light-yellow or azure color.

For Women: 5-Avenue, 1881-Cerruti, L’Eua Par Kenzo, Pleasures

For Men: Aqua di Gio, Blue Jeans, Versus, What About Adam



Sensitive and emotional Cancer highly appreciates quite atmosphere and harmony. Cancer is a water zodiac sign thus he can feel himself at ease there and get a great supply of energy. Fresh sea and mysterious cactus flowers smell inspire his creative spirits.

His favorite fragrance aroma is summer floral-fruit one. Jasmine gives him a lot of strength. The best present is a rounded perfume bottle in dark-yellow wrapping. Cancer also adore white color very often as a symbol of light and purity.

For Women: Aqua di Gio, Escape, L’Eua D’Issey, Magnetic

For Men: Cool Water, 1881-Cerruti, Joop!, Pleasures

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