Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

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Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

26-year-old Annamarie Tendler is a make-up artist who posts a picture of herself with incredible looks every day. She gets inspiration from anything around: from same-sex marriage legalisation to movies about zmobies. Today you can see her twenties-inspired flapper look and tomorrow she’ll surprise you by her a rainbow-eye-lidded warrior image. Looking at her endless talent and artistry, Annamarie has just one hard canon when it comes to make-up: wearing mascara. Annamarie Tendler has worked out a kind of esthetician’s management using the internet as her stage and creating a series of online tutorials revealing her inspirational make-up tips and tricks.

Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

Annamarie’s professional make-up series of The Daily Face creations at proves that any girl can create miraculous make-up if to so to say switch the fantasy on.

Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

What’s interesting is that despite imaginary complexity of looks, anyone can master them as Annamarie’s lists of products are simple and her instructions are pretty clear.

Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

Tendler’s popular blog shows her daily photos, labels of the cometics and products used and gives instructions:

As in, here is a look, this is how you do it, this is what you use.”

I wanted to make something that didn’t inundate the viewer with information, but rather offered up a simple concept in a simple way.”

Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

She writes of the Lichtenstein-inspired get up:

I will warn anyone who tries this out that pulling this one off is a lot like cleaning your bedroom: it looks worse before it looks good.”

Red dots and white background were created using Ben Nye Creme Color in red and white, while the lip colour is NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave. Another, a high-profile throwback to the days of flappers, ‘was inspired [by] looking at Brassai photos of the 20s,’ Miss Tendler writes.

Everyone looks so cool and glamorous!”

Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

Striped, bright rainbow lids were celebratory respect to new same-sex marriage laws in the state of New York, while a ghoulish Halloween look is complete with blue veins and fake blood.

Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

Nevertheless, there are some more prosaic, suitable for daily life in the city amke-ups in Annamarie’s stock.For example, her pared-down make-up was the result of running late, as she wrote. Her instructions, in keeping with being pressed for time, appropriately read:

For this look I applied the Benefit shadow with my finger to the lid from lashline to crease. This stuff dries quickly so it’s important that you work fast, since after it dries it’s difficult to blend.”

Annamarie Tendler: Online Make-Up Guru

Annamarie posts a new look every day; obviously, she loves her job and she’s happy to help women to be beautiful. But as anyone she needs some break.

I need to be generating so much material and I’m only one person, who also works on other shoots and projects. I find that every couple of months I need to take a two week break.”

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