Alexandra Burke Hates Exercising

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It’s really hard being a celebrity, not just because you literally have no private life but you should always look fabulous. Alexandra Burke who has got wonderful curves admits she needs to exercise a lot to look good. And she hates exercising.

Alexandra Burke at the 2009 Brit Awards

The ‘Bad Boys’ singer trains hard but she will never put pressure on herself to get really skinny.

She said:

I did train for the ‘Bad Boys’ video. I hate it. It’s the most boring thing in the world. Of course I feel pressure to be thin, and I think anyone who is in this business and says they don’t is lying. But I try not to get into the frame of mind of wanting to be skinny. I’m happy being a size eight. I’m heavier on my hips and smaller on the waist.”

Alexandra has small breasts in comparison to her heavier bottom, but she says she would never go under the surgeon’s knife to enhance her bust.

She told Company magazine:

I’ve barely got any boobs but I make up for it with my legs. I’d never get a boob job because this is what God gave me. I remind myself that guys don’t like skinny girls, they like something to get hold of.”

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