Alec Baldwin is Eager to Rebuild His Butt

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Alec Baldwin bothers much about his style and body image. Moreover, he doesn’t care if someone is aware of it.

Alec Baldwin

The 51 year-old actor falls under the category of the men-celebs who want to undergo the plastic surgery to improve the look.

“I have a great ass, if I may say so,” Baldwin tells Entertainment Weekly in its annual holiday movie preview issue, out Friday. “That’s a part of my body that needs no surgical enhancement or rearranging.”

After he had to show off his butt in the new comedy that will be on-screen on Christmas Day, he can to the conclusion that he wouldn’t mind if it was enhanced.

“I’m not saying I wouldn’t do something! I intend to do something,” he says. “I probably will. Let’s put it this way: I wouldn’t rule it out because… You don’t think I wake up every day and wish I looked like this and this and this? But I can’t let that bother me.”

The It’s Complicated costar, Meryl Streep, is a bit of another opinion:

“Well, if you’ve ever even contemplated that stuff and looked at what can go wrong in any of those magazines, it’s terrifying!” – the actress tells EW.

And then she added as long-term-celebrity:

“every part of your life is chronicled, so if something mysteriously looks better, everyone will notice.”

Well, that’s true! But some of the celebs can’t accept themselves as the aging people because they consider their youth, beauty and sexiness as they selling product.

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