Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels

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Kidding apart, the new collection designed by the Italian stylist Alberto Guardiani is really eccentric and quite outstanding as well. It consists of 5 different capsule collections…

Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels

No doubt, that the head model of the whole collection became the Lipstick Heel shoe, inspired by yesterday and nowadays divas, characterized by lipstick-shaped heels in red and nude tones.

Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels

Personally, these lipstick heel shoes don’t considerably impress me, of course the idea is rather interesting, but I don’t feel that fashion awe, if you do and the only thing bothering you is matching the proper outfit, I can reassure you, lipstick heels are interchangeable.

But what do you think, are these lipstick heel shoes worth of fashion-conscious women’s attention?

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One Response to “Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels”
  1. Faith Says:

    Looking at its heels, I feel like it’s gonna get broken if I take just 5 steps. And wouldn’t that tip off your balance?

    LOL but it’s unique, though. Haven’t really thought of lipstick heels. :D

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