Ferretti first perfume with Claudia Schiffer

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It’s time Alberta Ferretti made her first perfume with the help of the 38-year-old German supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

Claudia Schiffer

This Fall Alberta Ferretti will launch a signature fragrance, produced by Elizabeth Arden Inc. The company’s executive vice president Ron Rolleston said:

We believe we have created a fragrance that expresses the brand values which emanate from Alberta’s rich creative experience”

It was important that we stay true to those values in selecting a face for this sophisticated new fragrance. In Claudia Schiffer we have found an ideal visual representation for the brand.”

Claudia confirmed her collaboration with Alberta Ferretti:

It’s an honour to be chosen as the face of the Alberta Ferretti fragrance. Alberta and I have worked together for many years and it’s wonderful to be able to collaborate on this exciting project together.

Alberta’s designs always embody femininity and elegance which are reflected in this fragrance.”The as yet untitled perfume is, says Ferretti, ‘ inspired by the sensuality of a woman’, which is why she says Claudia was a natural fit for the first campaign, shot recently by Mert and Marcus.

Claudia is a beauty icon and a woman whose sensuality comes from her unique and inimitable personality’, says Ferretti.

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