Alberta Ferretti Created Perfume By Dressing

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We have already mentioned that Alberta Frretti was busy working on her first scent called namesake Alberta Ferretti. The face of the fragrance is Claudia Schiffer.

What is interesting is that the Italian fashion designer had her own unique method of perfume creation by imagining several different gowns as it was the only way she could visualize the scent.


She commented it:

“It was important for me to think about dresses, not skirts of trousers, and it was important that they were full length. Exactly why, I don’t know – except that there is something about the way a long dress wraps around the body that gives it the same feeling as wearing a fragrance. I suppose it is to do with sensuality.”

The scent is a nice mixture of sweet pea, ylang heart and Casablanca lily.

She explained to Britain’s Vogue magazine:

“It’s like the dresses in every way. The world of Alberta Ferretti is about chiffon, a weightless fabric that the body can be seen through. The first impression is only the beginning of the story.”

That is how it could be!

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