8 cups of tea a day make you healthy

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Tea is useful, everyone knows that. But recently it has been revealed that drinking up to eight cups of tea a day is very beneficial for health. Tea can help fight heart disease, improve brain power and make you live longer, according to the study.

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The author of the report, nutrition expert Dr Carrie Ruxton, said her study ‘debunked’ some of the myths related to caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and cocoa. During the research the results of 47 independent studies were compared.

Making conclusions Dr Ruxton found the caffeine contained in drinks can lead to a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. To add to these tea drinkers feel more alert and cheerful. The expert calculated the optimum caffeine intake for an adult – 400mg a day, whch is equivalent to eight cups of tea or four coffees for coffee-lovers. This amount gives drinkers the best levels of the health-giving antioxidants and flavanoids contained in caffeinated drinks.

Dr Ruxton said children can benefit from the drinks as well, but the amount should be limited to 95mg a day, which is two small cups of tea or one small, weak coffee.

The results are good and we can drink lots of our fave drinks. Be careful not to overdo, otherwise it can be harmful rather than useful.

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