3 New Beauty Products On The Market

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The beauty world can’t stop buzzing with more and more new products on the market. The creation of the new or reinvention of the old goes on and on and we just can’t follow fast enough. But here is a small list of new products that you may not yet know about. We surely didn’t well until now.

New Beauty Products

CC Cream

3 New Beauty Products On The Market

If you haven’t yet tried a BB cream that had a beauty world abuzz you may also take a look at the latest innovation, a CC Cream. A ‘color control’ cream is a cream that helps achieve even complexion and provide more coverage than its BB counterparts. Beside its color-controling properties a CC cream is also a skincare product containing skin-nourishing ingredients. Chanel has already launched a CC cream of its own.

Dry Conditioner

3 New Beauty Products On The Market

A dry conditioner is a new version of the product on the market. It comes in powder form in aerosol and consists of oils and nutrients that nourish the hair. The best thing about it is that obviously its handy dry form allows using it anytime anywhere and another is that it can be used to finish off your ready hairstyle.

Eye Lifting Gel

3 New Beauty Products On The Market

There’ve been a lot of remedies for undereye problems like wrinkles and puffiness. The latest one is Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel that promises to tighten, firm, lift and even repair the sensitive skin around the eyes for a ‘wake me up’ effect. The new gel contains such ingredients like Kigelia Africana extract, beech tree bud, peptides and anti-oxidants. The 10ml bottle has a lip gloss-like brush and a price tag around $45.

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