3 Beauty Products That Were Huge This Year

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It’s been a huge year for lipstick and some lipsticks in particular. Bold lip is the new glossed lip. It’s not just a fall winter staple now either. Here are the most popular lipsticks of 2015.

Products That Were Huge This Year

Lip kit

Kylie’s Lip Kit

Kylie Jenner has become a sort of a beauty guru especially when it comes to lips. The reality TV star has developed her own lip kit collection of three shades of brown and beige matte lipsticks and matching lip liners. Every $30 lip kit comes with both lipstick and a lip liner for creating that coveted overdrawn pout. The collection was reportedly sold out in one minute after going on sale and it already managed to sell out again after a restock on Dec.14. The craze has been so big Ebay sellers went offering Kylie’s LipKit for as much as $10,000 (well, that’s at least how the auction went with people bidding like crazy). LipKitbyKylie twitter says they will come back ‘bigger and better’ after New Year so if you missed your chance on the kit and don’t want to shell out thousands for it, just wait for a bit.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s Drake Lipstick

Tom Ford has named a lipstick shade in his annual Lips & Boys collection after Drake and people went after it maybe just a little less enthusiastically than after the lip kit by Kylie. Or so Elle claims saying it was sold out within minutes. Ebay is again at it offering a burgundy shade with Drake’s name on it for over $2,000.

Ona Morgan – L’OFFICIEL

Ona-Morgan for L’OFFICIEL Singapore November-December 2015

Burgundy Craze

It’s no surprise dark red, bordeaux, and burgundy shades were so big this year with Marsala being the Pantone’s color of the year. It’s been everywhere from runways to magazine spreads to red carpet. It’s become a staple in its own right and not just a seasonal thing.

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