2013 Fall Fragrances: Choosing Perfume

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Perfume is told to be the lady’s business card. Memories about a woman are related to her scent. Find out, what kind of fragrance is popular this Fall season!

Private Blend Atelier d’Orient

Private Blend Atelier d’Orient

Fragrance of This Season

As your wardrobe changes every season, your perfume should correspond. More than 1,300 flavors were introduced in 2012. Hardly any less have appeared this year as well. Various occasions require different fragrances. And you don’t have to choose just one. Let’sexplore what your fragrance collection should include this season.

Flower theme became popular this year. Flower scents have always been charmingly feminine. Adorable rose fragrances are the most charming for special occasions this year. Choose them for attending a night event and make your look fabulously complete.

Business meetings and discussions require something gentle and confident at the same time. Feel yourself experienced and persuasive wearing body-based fragrances. Woody scents with bitter-sweet notes will accompany you this fall, returning glances and interested looks. You will overcome any office matters along with your new scent.

Eaudemoiselle Ambre Velours

Eaudemoiselle Ambre Velours

This Fall Brands

Several of famous brands have launched new fragrances for this fall. Four new incredible scents in Private Blend Atelier d’Orient collection from Tom Ford will hit imagination with rich fruit and timber flavors. Fragrances are based upon Eastern motives bringing you to China and Japan, Laos and India. Crazy mix of Japanese and Indian motives will accent your sensuality. The true experts only can fully appreciate full range of scents.

Givenchy presents Eaudemoiselle Ambre Velours for popular Eaudemoiselle Collection this year. Modern elegance comes together with vintage beauty. Sweet notes of rose, cedar, pink pepper and plum. This is the best choice for late evening that fits to a small black dress. Your breathtaking aristocratic look will leave memories anywhere you go this night.

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