‘The Way You Are’ By Gisele Bundchen

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The Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen lives in harmony with nature promoting it by her life style and convictions. To go just the way you are means to be wonderful according to her. The supermodel shared her views about beauty, makeup and her upcoming Sejaa campaign.

Gisele Bundchen promotes harmony and Sejaa

The 29-year-old supermodel said:

“First, I believe that everybody is part of a single energy on the planet. Human beings and nature must live in harmony because we are one, we are connected. And this importance of living in harmony I’d like to communicate in the Sejaa campaign. To represent this idea, my pictures are very natural with no makeup and in contact with the nature.”

Gisele, who currently takes care of her 4-month-old son Benjamin Rein Brady together with her husband New Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, added:

“Of course, we can wear makeup to feel more beautiful, to make us look better, but the essence is underneath it all, and that’s exactly what we want to preserve and enhance. It is as if you came home at the end of the day, took off all your makeup, your clothes, and, what is left is just you! And you are wonderful just the way you are!”

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