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Oh, yes, shapewear is a kind of magic wand in case women want to look a few pounds slimmer. But now, like in a fairy-tale, there appeared a new pair of underwear that promises to help you lose actual weight – without lifting a finger! Playtex ‘Objective 1 Size Down‘ is a range of shapewear clinically proven to provide slimming and anti-cellulite effects – as well as an immediate shaping effect.

The $55 Spanx-like shapewear, which are made in short and long versions, work for you and instead of you, helping to drop centimeters off your hips and thighs – in just 28 days!

The underwear works using Acti-Mineral ceramic crystals that are woven into the fibers of the fabric.

New Playtex shapewear stimulates a continuous massage effect of the body, improving blood microcirculation and facilitating the removal of toxins. Moreover, it can be washed without compromising the effect of the crystals.

The new range is designed to address specific problem areas such as the tummy, bottom, hips and thighs. So, ladies, if you want to look slimmer, go ahead to purchase Playtex shapewear!

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