VMAs 2015 Best Beauty Moments

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The VMAs kicked off a new red carpet season with a bang. With Miley Cyrus hosting the event and Justin Bieber apparently crying during his performance, it was one weird ceremony. Also Jared Leto showed up with pink hair again and Kanye West jokingly rushed to the stage when Taylor Swift won the award. A bunch of models was among guests and a part of Kardashian clan turned up as well. The red carpet was tame, weirdly enough no one dressed up in ham, well, except Miley Cyrus who arguably managed to outdo herself with at least that one stage costume.

But that is all beside the point because there was plenty of memorable beauty looks on the carpet. The stars probably paid more attention to hair and makeup than outfits. And we’re glad they did.

VMAs 2015 Beauty Highlights

Vanessa Hudgens at VMAs 2015

Vanessa Hudgens, VMAs 2015

Vanessa Hudgens looked fairy-like in an elegant but a bit daring dress with her signature half up hairstyle accessorized with hair pins and hoop earrings. The brown bronze makeup was all in one palette with that complemented her dress color. In one word, she looked fantastic.

Gigi Hadid at VMAs 2015

Gigi Hadid, VMAs 2015

Gigi Hadid looked simply surreal with her sleeked back hair and bronze makeup. Note the monochromatic palette. The model was summer in the flesh in her yellow body dress with a slit skirt.

Arielle Vandenberg at VMAs 2015

Arielle Vandenberg, VMAs 2015

Actress Arielle Vandenberg really showed how you wear summer hair. Her beach waves were flawless and light makeup was all about summer.

Aubrey O'Day at VMAs 2015

Aubrey O’Day of Dumblonde, VMAs 2015

Aubrey O’Day rocked the trendy braids that turn from milkmaid to fishbone style. She completed the look with voluminous false eyelashes and bronzed complexion.

Taylor Swift at VMAs 2015

Taylor Swift, VMAs 2015

Taylor Swift stepped out in a slightly different look than usual. She tossed blue eyeshadow for black winged eyeliner and looked quite confident rocking it too. The singer also accessorized her sleek side-parted hairdo with crawling earrings.

Rita Ora at VMAs 2015

Rita Ora, VMAs 2015

Rita Ora was on top of the beauty game as usual with her white blonde hair sleeked back into a high intricate ponytail that contrasted with black winged eye makeup and ear crawler earrings.

Kelly Osbourne at VMAs 2015

Kelly Osbourne, VMAs 2015

Kelly Osbourne didn’t let us down. Her lavender hair and a shaved side were neatly styled and accessorized with ear cuffs. Her makeup had a statement of its own, red lipstick and golden eyeshadow outlined and accentuated with black eyeliner and lots of mascara.

Whose look is your favorite and why? Honestly, I’m torn between Vanessa Hudgens and Gigi Hadid.

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