Top Beauty Trends Of Spring 2016

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Spring is nowhere near us but 2016 is just around the corner and since no one cna actually prevent you from it, wearing Spring 2016 best trends now might just be the much needed shake up your image needs.

Spring 2016 Top Trends

Next year’s blooming season is all about brights in both clothes and makeup but don’t hurry to ditch your marsala lipstick just yet.

Blue Lagoon

Adriana Lima

Marc Jacobs

Blue eyeshadow is still going strong from reappearing a few years ago as a beauty trend on the runways around the world. It’s not an obscure beauty trend turned a no-no makeup rule anymore. Now bright blues are allowed to anyone including those whose eye color isn’t matching.




Bright eyeshadow and paint that turns makeup into a literal splash of color on your face is another big trend. You can add glitter if you want to and you don’t even have to blend. But if you still fear it’s not too real life-friendly it’s best to stick with colored eyeliner.

Red Alert


Olympia Le Tan

Red lipstick has been everywhere on Spring runways again. Its popularity as a trend has subsided a bit this year but the warm season of 2016 promises to bring it back.

90’s Lip


Emporio Armani

Though matte brown lipstick shared stage with lots and lots of red and burgundy, you can bet it will still be a big trend well into 2016 thanks to Kylie Jenner’s lip kit craze.

Fresh French

Tibi Spring 2016


French manicure has been introduced in so many variations in fashion capitals this fall we can’t get enough of them. There are

Hair, I Just Don’t Care


Carolina Herrera

When it comes to hair you can relax and simply change hair accessories the entire season if you want. But even if you put half an effort into some ‘do it’ll be trendy enough. Light waves are allowed too. The look is sleek and romantic and also effortlessly-looking.

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