Top Beauty Moments of 2014 Grammys

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Grammys finally happened after numerous pre-parties and bashes that have been building the hype around the ceremony. The stars from various music genres and generations have gathered on the red carpet. From Ozzy Osbourne to Madonna to Macklemore to Lorde, the winners and nominees rubbed shoulders, posed for cameras, and took pics together too. If you haven’t watched it, this is what happened – Beyonce and Jay-Z opened the ceremony with a sexy Drunk in Love performance, Taylor Swift sang at the piano, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performed together, and 34 couples were married by Queen Latifah to Madonna’s Open Your Heart. And now…

2014 Grammys Top Beauty Moments

Beyonce at 2014 Grammys


Beyonce’s ever-changing hair was transformed into a wavy bob for the night. She also wore berry lipstick with some dark eyeshadow, which she later swapped with nude lips and even more dark eyeshadow to perform. She also had her bob styled to look wet.

Katy Perry at 2014 Grammys

Katy Perry

Katy Perry went couture with both her dress and hair. The Dark Horse singer had her hair in a sleek dramatic updo comleted with a candy pink lipstick, mega glow, and pink nail manicure. That burgundy jewelry set really made a statement.

Holly Ridings at 2014 Grammys

Holly Ridings

Model Holly Ridings also chose the pink lipstick for her look. She sported the trendy side-parted waves and white nail polish.

Rita Ora at 2014 Grammys

Rita Ora

Rita Ora went for a matte pink lipstick to complement her white blonde curls and purple makeup with false eyelashes.

Rocsi Diaz at 2014 Grammys

Rocsi Diaz

Another orange lipstick look to get inspired by was that of Rocsi Diaz. The creamy lipstick is complemented with some bronzer and blush and the eyes are dressed in false lashes. Her manicure echoed the orange lipstick with an orange triangle on her nude nails.

Alicia Keys at 2014 Grammys

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys channeled Pink as she wore a side-shaved short curly hairstyle.

Pink at 2014 Grammys


Pink wore her side-shaved platinum blonde in a different style and accessorized with some statement drop earrings and smokey eyes.

Keltie Knight at 2014 Grammys

Keltie Knight

TV personality Keltie Knight added a twist to her super trendy wavy side-parted bob with a hair accessory. She also paired shimmery smokey eye with sheer pink lipstick and matching blush.

Also some other celebs performed, Daft Punk won two grammys (showed up dressed to the occasion), and Jay-Z took home a couple of gramophones.

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