Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Redheads

Red hair color becomes increasingly popular among celebrated beauties. Let’s sort out whom we consider the hottest red-haired celebrities: Top 5 sexiest celebrity redheads presented to you by

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Red hair color is an absolute trend for 2011 and celebrities know it like nobody’s business. From lightly reddish shades to fiery red locks…no matter red means incredible passion! Top 5 sexiest celebrity redheads radiating that sex appeal are just below.

Christina Hendricks

Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Redheads

No wonder that the first who leaped to my mind when it concerned hottest celebrity redheads was Christina Hendricks. This gorgeous Mad Men star surely leaves no one man cold with her signature red locks and oh-so-feminine curvy body.

Nicole Kidman

Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Redheads

The 43-year-old Hollywood actress holds her ground being one of the hottest celebrity redheads. Elegance, beauty and incredible talent make Nicole Kidman loved by millions of devoted fans around the world.


Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Redheads

Though our fave Riri is not a natural redhead, I can’t leave her out in the cold. Fiery red locks and matching irrepressible temper that is what makes Rihanna stand out.

Julianne Moore

Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Redheads

All over freckled, red-haired beauty, Julianne Moore is the perfect exemplar of how a redhead should look like. Natural red tresses combined with deep green eyes make a perfect ensemble.

Amy Adams

Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Redheads

Reddish hair, glowing complexion, delicate features that is what characterize this American actress and singer Amy Adams. Besides, natural makeup never better accentuates her porcelain skin.

Whom do you like the most?

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