Top 5 Most Sensual Hollywood Blondes

Blondes, brunettes, redheads… however hard you may try, anyway blondes would be always considered the most sensual women who can perfectly combine incredible sex appeal with sensual femininity. All the more if to take Hollywood blondes… Find out top 5 most sensual Hollywood blondes presented to you by OurVanity.

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We’ve already picked out top 5 hottest Hollywood brunettes and now it is time for sensual blondes. Keep reading to learn who is worth being called the most sensual Hollywood blonde.

Kate Hudson

Top 5 Most Sensual Hollywood Blondes

In spite of her growing baby bump the celebrated mother-to-be, Kate Hudson can be deservedly called one of the most sensual and beautiful Hollywood blonde. Kate knows for sure how to accentuate her inimitable beauty with natural makeup and gorgeous blond tresses.

Uma Thurman

Top 5 Most Sensual Hollywood Blondes

Firstly, Uma Thurman is a very gifted actress and then a very very beautiful woman. 41-year-old Kill Bill star can easily leave in the dust lots of young girls, sporting almost no makeup paired with her signature blonde locks.

Reese Witherspoon

Top 5 Most Sensual Hollywood Blondes

The most fabulous Legally Blonde ever, Reese Witherspoon can be absolutely legally titled the most sensual Hollywood blonde. Perfectly styled blonde hair plus flawless porcelain skin makes a wonderful formula for beauty.

Cameron Diaz

Top 5 Most Sensual Hollywood Blondes

Cameron Diaz is the one who can amazingly play with her appearance. She can wonderfully transform from a cute innocent girl into a hot blonde beauty.

Jennifer Aniston

Top 5 Most Sensual Hollywood Blondes

For me Jennifer Aniston is a combination of incredible sensuality, gorgeous style sense and perfect every time beauty looks.

Well, whom can you call the most sensual Hollywood blonde?

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2 Responses to “Top 5 Most Sensual Hollywood Blondes”
  1. blonde Says:

    jennifer aniston is not a natural blonde plus she had cosmetic surgery

  2. Alex Says:

    nice selection! I love Jen, Kate and Cameron! doesn’t matter if Jen is not a natural blonde or if she had surgeries, the thing is: she’s sensual! She’s hot! ^.^

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