Top 5 Hottest Hollywood Brunettes

Brunettes are usually associated with incredible sex appeal and explosive temper that drive men crazy, all the more if it concerns celebrated Hollywood actresses. But who is worthy to be called the hottest one? Keep reading to learn, as here is Top 5 Hottest Hollywood Brunettes presented to you by OurVanity.

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Halle Berry

Top 5 Hottest Hollywood Brunettes

Halle Berry is incredibly hot sporting her signature brunette pixie. Moreover she is no doubt the hottest short hair wearer ever. This 42-year-old actress can deservedly head the list of the hottest women of the planet.

Megan Fox

Top 5 Hottest Hollywood Brunettes

Well, who if not Megan Fox can be called one of the hottest Hollywood brunette. Passionate glance coupled with brunette locks perfectly does its part.

Mila Kunis

Top 5 Hottest Hollywood Brunettes

Mila Kunis is the perfect example of how young attractive woman should look like. And I’m sure this sultry brunette Black Swan star leaves no one man cold.

Vanessa Hudgens

Top 5 Hottest Hollywood Brunettes

The tender age of this Hollywood starlet doesn’t prevent her from being one of the hottest Hollywood brunettes.

Monica Bellucci

Top 5 Hottest Hollywood Brunettes

Model, actress, Goddess! Monica Bellucci is an absolute ideal of femininity and passion. The combination of curvy body, exquisite features and jet-black hair has made Monica Bellucci the hottest Italian woman ever.

Well, whom do you like the most?

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4 Responses to “Top 5 Hottest Hollywood Brunettes”
  1. armanistev Says:

    Yes this brunett are gorgeous!!i like salma hayek too.

  2. Kasey Says:

    Too bad the Megan Fox looks can be purchased at your local surgeon for a few grand…Sad when people like her become famous, she isnt beautiful, she’s the work of a great plastic surgeon.

  3. lins Says:

    replace megan with olivia wilde.

  4. keith133 Says:

    half the women in hollywood have had some type of surgery megans maybe more noticable but for example monica belluci has had surgery on her nose and chin

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