Top 5 Disguised Libido Killers

Libido can lower and rise in accordance to various circumstances, whether it be hormone level, fatigue, depression… and etc. But who could have imagined that even cosmetics, some certain food stuff, and other disguised factors can kill your libido. Keep reading to find out top 5 disguised libido killers to know for sure what should be avoided in order to keep sex drive alive.

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Top 5 Disguised Libido Killers

There are some certain things that should be avoided or rather lowered in order to keep sex drive up. Each of us no doubt is aware of such libido killers as birth-control pills, relationship problems, fatigue or lack of sleep. But it sometimes happens that you’ve already tried everything, excluding every evident libido killer but your sex desire is still tapped out, then you’ve probably failed to take into account the following disguised libido killers that always surround us, making their ‘dirty work’ imperceptibly.

Oxygen Cosmetics

Top 5 Disguised Libido Killers

If you are a fan of so called oxygen cosmetics, then you are challenged with a choice between favorite beauty aids and passionate sexual life. Wonder what can be the reason of such an unpleasant oxygen cosmetics impact. The thing is that oxygen cosmetics contains perfluorocarbon or PCF that in its turn leads to premature menopause. Also perfluorocarbon or more exactly its derivative, perfluorooctane sulfonate, causes the decrease of estradiol generation that leads to libido lowering.

White Bread

Top 5 Disguised Libido Killers

You shouldn’t eat a lot of white bread if you don’t want to say goodbye to your sultry sex life. Thus white bread is another disguised libido killer that ‘releases the sugar more quickly than its wholegrain counterparts’ that leads to energy slumps and causes the decrease of sex desire. Moreover the excessive amount of sugar leads to extra weight, that can’t but kill libido as well.


Top 5 Disguised Libido Killers

You won’t believe but snoring also can kill your sex desire, and here it doesn’t mean that if your partner is snoring it will spoil your sex life (though that is also included). As scientists explain:

…severe snoring cuts down on the oxygen levels in the bloodstream and in effect stops men from becoming aroused.

Painkillers and Antidepressants

Morphine and codeine can also lower your libido, and if you care about your sexual desire then try to stick to paracetamol as it doesn’t have a negative impact on libido.

Top 5 Disguised Libido Killers

Antidepressants as well can kill your libido. What’s more interesting here is that on the one hand antidepressants are prescribed to cure premature ejaculation, while on the other, kill libido! Well, quite a crushing combination!

Cold & Flu Remedies

Various cold and flu remedies are well-known libido killers. It happens because of diphenhydramine or pseudoephedrine they contain. So you’ll have to choose what is more important for you keeping to bed or making love in the same bed.

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