Top 3 Summer Beauty Rules

Summer requires special care of your beauty. Thus it is very important to follow certain beauty rules set for sultry summertime. We’ve picked out top 3 summer beauty rules following which you would easily avoid various summer beauty problems such as dry skin, brittle hair, or flimsy nails.

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Top 3 Summer Beauty Rules

Summer is the time when it is quite difficult to keep your beauty look flawless. Summer heat makes our makeup literally melt and spread, while harmful UV-rays completely dry out skin that leads to premature aging. Thus it is very important not just to opt for special summer makeup products but to change your beauty look a little bit as well, adapting it to hot summertime. Our top 3 summer beauty rules will help you to make it quite effortlessly.

Rule #1 Sun Protection

Proper sun protection should become the key word in your summer beauty routine. And here I mean not only face but body as well. Surely your face, hands, legs, shoulders and décolleté need special intensified sun protection. High SPF sunscreen plus proper clothing made of natural light fabric and hat can provide you with absolutely perfect sun protection.

Top 3 Summer Beauty Rules

Moisturizing plays no less important role in summer beauty routine. Because of summer heat our skin dries up and therefore needs moisturizing. Opt for a proper moisturizing facial cream; make moisturizing facial mask once a week. And don’t forget that not only face skin requires moisturizing; invest also into moisturizing lotions, and sprays set for body.

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Rule #2 Curls and Waves – Summer 2011 Hair Trend

Top 3 Summer Beauty Rules

Girls will surely understand what I am talking about. In summer (especially on the beach) our hair ‘lives its own life’. And you know there is actually no need to fight against it. Get away all the hair tools such as hair dryer or hair straightener and let your hair wave or curl. Besides all those curled and waved hairstyles are the hottest Summer 2011 hair trends. Opt for a special hairdressing set for curls and waves containing SPF and enjoy natural ‘beachy waves’ look.

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Rule #3 Summer Hand Care

Top 3 Summer Beauty Rules

Summer manicure presupposes bright colors without all those fanciful patterns coupled with middle or short length. Bright colors can strikingly accentuate swarthy skin tone, but remember that bright nail polishes require careful application. Besides, proper hand care is also very important, as summer heat and UV- rays dry out hand skin. Hand cream containing SPF and Vitamins A and E will help you to take care of your hands keeping your skin soft and well-groomed.

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