Tips on Choosing and Applying Blush

Blush should necessarily take its place in your makeup bag if you want to create fabulous and polished beauty look. Aren’t sure how to choose the right type of blush for your skin and how to apply it properly? Our tips on choosing and applying blush will definitely help you to make up your mind.

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Tips on Choosing and Applying Blush

Blush is an indispensible ‘makeup tool’ in creating radiant beauty look. It can perfectly complement your beauty accentuating your assets, as well as spoil even perfectly-done makeup. Therefore you are to be very careful while choosing and applying blush. Use our tips to make a wise choice and learn the technique of proper blush application.

Actually blush has a very long history. Women have started using blush since ancient times. Ancient Greek women for instance used blended wild strawberry, mulberry and beetroot juice as a blusher. Mercifully, now we have our modern blush variations, among which are cream and powder blushes and even blush balls.

Tips on Choosing and Applying Blush

Powder blush is a perfect option if you want to create natural beauty look almost effortlessly, just apply a bit of powder blush to your cheekbones after the application of foundation and powder, using a wide brush.

Tips on Choosing and Applying Blush

While cream blushes require more skillful application technique. You are to apply a bit of cream blush to your cheekbones before applying foundation and powder using your fingertips or a special sponge and after blend it carefully to soften well-defined borders. Cream blush is the best beauty option for women with dry skin as it contains more moisturizing components and natural oils. However cream blush would turn out to be suitable for every skin type as an integral part of a fabulous evening makeup.

Tips on Choosing and Applying Blush

And quite the contrary gel or liquid blush doesn’t contain moisturizing components or oils, that is why it tends to dry faster. Therefore it is better to apply gel blush before the application of foundation and powder. Besides, gel and liquid blush are considered to be more lasting than other blush types.

Blush Application Tips

Tips on Choosing and Applying Blush

Well, now let’s sort out how blush should be applied. The most important here is to define the area of blush application. Actually it is very easy to do, just smile at yourself broadly yet naturally in mirror. Your smile would define the contour of your cheekbones to which blush should be applied.

If you apply blush using a makeup brush then move it up and down to create the even coat, but if you use sponge then circular motion technique is exactly what you need.

To choose the most suitable tone of blush you need to remember that crimson and beige-pink shades work best on dark skin tone, while pink-pale shades are the perfect option for fair-skinned beauties. Peachy blush tone is considered to be universal and works best for almost every skin tone.

Face shape also plays important role in blush application technique. Makeup artists claim that women having round face shape need to apply blush from the cheekbones to temples, while women having lantern jaws should apply blush from temples to cheekbones.

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