Romantic Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Ideas for Spring 2011

If you want to add romantic zest to your Spring 2011 look then celebrity makeup ideas would turn out to be the best source of inspiration to revive your image after long cold winter. Choose one of the following romantic celebrity-inspired makeup ideas for Spring 2011 and get ready to meet admiring gazes.

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Who can be more situated in makeup trends for Spring 2011 if not our favorite Hollywood inhabitants. And if you’ve ventured on experimenting with your makeup having decided to try something new and vivid, then you can’t do without romantic celebrity-inspired makeup ideas that would spare you from makeup disaster.

Emma Roberts

Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Ideas for Spring 2011

Emma Roberts is no doubt the greatest fan of classic makeup that perfectly enhances her wonderful features without burdening her beauty look. If you’ve considered her makeup suitable for your skin tone and features then you need to make sure that your makeup bag is able to provide you with proper golden eyeshadow shades. Also don’t forget to couple golden eye makeup with flawless glowing complexion and apply nude lipstick to complete your celebrity-inspired makeup look.

Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Ideas for Spring 2011

Jennifer Lopez’s apparently decided to prove that ‘pink all over’ can look really amazing, and it must be admitted she’s got it. In order to get this pinky makeup, at first you should make sure whether it suits your skin tone. Try to experiment with various eyeshadow shades of pink and if the ‘test-drive’ would appear successful then apply the chosen shade of pink to your lips, cheeks and eyes the way J Lo has perfectly demonstrated.

Sienna Miller

Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Ideas for Spring 2011

Sienna Miller opted for the sure-fire ‘makeup cocktail’ composed of statement red lips and slightly accentuated eyes. Get a proper shade of red lipstick suitable for your skin tone; add vivid glitter to your eyes applying several coats of curling mascara, accentuate eyebrows and your own Sienna-Miller-inspired makeup is ready. As easy as pie, innit?

Lauren Conrad

Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Ideas for Spring 2011

If you are a fan of cat eye makeup look then makeup idea demonstrated by Lauren Conrad would no doubt catch your fancy. She has wonderfully combined glowing complexion, cat eye makeup, girly pinkish cheeks and lips. Her delicate features are never better complemented with this gorgeous makeup look. Lauren literally radiates warm spring breath that can’t but amaze!

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