Oscars 2016: Best Hair & Make Up

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Oscars wrapped up the award season as usual with a swing. They gave it Leo. Louis CK gave a monologue while Christ Rock hosted and helped his daughter sell Girl Scout cookies. The star-studded red carpet was beaming with guests and contenders as well as the presenters.

Oscars 2016 Best Beauty Looks

Maria Menounos Oscars 2016

Maria Menounos never fails to make it to these event beauty lists because she’s always spot on with both her hair and make up. This time she went with a simple but sweet side-pinned strand and rose cheeks that look like Spring itself.

Lady Gaga Oscars 2016

Lady Gaga performed yet again at the ceremony. She went for the old Hollywood glamour look and rocked a rose quartz make up.

Andra Day Oscars 2016

Singer Andra Day rivaled Gaga’s retro glamour look with her own silver screen waves. As for make up, she went for dramatic dark red lip and false eyelashes.

Kelly Ripa Oscars 2016

TV host Kelly Ripa looked beaming with her slightly waved platinum locks and earthly-toned make up.

Olivia Wilde Oscars 2016

Olivia Wilde didn’t disappoint as usual with a braided ‘do and some shimmery eye shadow.

Charlize Theron Oscars 2016

If they gave out Oscars on sight for beauty looks Charlize Theron should have won. The actress sported a variation of her signature wave ‘do and sophisticated smokey eye.

Sofia Vergara Oscars 2016

Ponytails were a theme at the Oscars but Sofia Vergara nailed it with a beehive-like waved low-rise ponytail and bright lip.

Reese Witherspoon Oscars 2016

Reese Witherspoon kept locks smooth and sleek but her make up was all fiesta. Golden eye shadow and  red lipstick scream runway.

Dorith Mous Oscars 2016

Dorith Mous has an edgy haircut but she managed to tame it with a wavy side while sleeking back the rest of it. Nice and cool.

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