Messy Hair, False Lashes, And Kylie’s New LipKit Color Reign At SAG Awards 2016

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SAG Awards had all the usual suspects for guests and more or less predictable winners this year. Surprisingly the Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons both lost for a change and Mad Max: Fury Road got a well-deserved recognition for action performance by a stunt ensemble, I mean did you see those war boys hopping from car to car on long flexible poles and that bad guitarist in a bungee cable harness?

But I digress and it’s time to talk beauty of the ceremony. Did the stars who go to these events like it’s their day job really look like they just don’t care anymore or is messy hair is just such a huge trend?

SAG Awards 2016 Beauty Is All About Messy Hair

From Rachel McAdams who stunned at Critic’s Choice Awards to Emilia Clarke celebs just turned up in evening gowns with disheveled manes like it’s cool and seemed relaxed and pretty comfy. Now, I am a firm believer in messy hair and mixing formal wear and informal beauty, but when everybody does it it’s just plain boring. There is a reason to hate trends right there.

Speaking of trends, did hot pink lipstick was as popular on the runway as it was at SAG Awards? I don’t recall. But I had an impression like the makeup artists who prepped celebs for red carpet all got a tester of Posie K.

Priyank Chopra at 2016 SAG Awards

Priyanka Chopra

Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra wore the brightest pink. Her bronze smokey eye went amazingly well with it and I like the subtle barely-there blush.

Sofia Vergara at 2016 SAG Awards

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara wore a darker, more toned down hue of pink to match with her hot pink dress. Her jewelry looked more rapper-style though.

Sola Bamis at 2016 SAG Awards

Sola Bamis

Sola Bamis did not just sported an eye-catchy yellow dress with a big bow to the SAG red carpet. She also had the best makeup, earrings, and physique (check out her arms) showing how you do classy-edgy red carpet style.

Naomi Watts at 2016 SAG Awards

Naomi Watts

Another pink lip princess, Naomi Watts wore a not-so-messy long bob, that’s why she deserves a spot here. The rosy cheeks look almost natural and her eye makeup complements her dress (blue outlined with black).

Sunny Mabrey at 2016 SAG Awards

Sunny Mabrey

Sunny Mabrey looked like a relaxed silver screen siren with her half-done Hollywood waves, red lipstick and shimmer-y makeup. I loved the look and her dress-matching earrings.

Laverne Cox at 2016 SAG Awards

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox didn’t betray her signature style – beautiful waves and strong eye makeup. She sported the 90’s-style brown lipstick that complemented her dark red dress.

Eva Longoria at 2016 SAG Awards

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria went with her signature larger than life false lashes and kept the rest of the make up bronze-luminated.

Queen Latifah at 2016 SAG Awards

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah was among a few celebs who bothered with a hairdo. Her hair was pulled up and sleeked back into two flower-y buns that gave room to her emerald green almost dangerously pointy earrings.

Kaley Cuoco at 2016 SAG Awards

Kaley Cuoco

Not the one to follow the herd, Kaley Cuoco went with a slightly off top knot and winged eye makeup. It’s not her best look but amidst all the bed hair mess that went on she certainly stood out.

Christinas Hedricks at 2016 SAG Awards

Christina Hendricks

This is not the best look Christina Hendricks ever sported, but she is such a gorgeous human she can pull off anything.

What do you think? Whose look did you like or dislike the most?

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