Main Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

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So it’s already August, huh? And it’s almost two weeks and it’s gone. Fall is rapidly closing in on us so it’s time to update your beauty routine and not just in terms of skin care. Here are the main beauty trends of the Fall/Winter part of 2015.

Main Fall 2015 beauty trends

Clockwise: Emanuel Ungaro, Karen Walker, Shiatzy Chen, Trussardi


Gold rush started with this season and will continue well into winter. Golden specks on the eyelids, metallic gold on the tips. Gold can be paired with many colors and it should be. Just give it a chance and you might find that it’s good not only for the holiday look.

Mara Hoffman Fall 2015

Mara Hoffman Fall 2015, golden makeup and French mani with nail art

Nail Art

Nail art didn’t really fade away as a trend. It just transformed and became less obnoxious. It’s all about simplicity and when it’s not, no drawings please. Either go with the simplest stuff like stripes and dots or go straight for the abstract modern art style nails where numerous colors intertwine in no particular order or recognizable pattern.

Versace Fall 2015

Versace Fall 2015, eyeliner on the lower lash line with peach eyeshadow

Lower Lashes

When it comes to eyes Fall is great for wearing darker heavier eyeshadow. But today the focus shifted to the lower lash line. It can either be accentuated with the eyeliner or a strip of false lashes, but you’ll definitely get the: “Did you do something with your…?”

Veronique Branquinho Fall 2015

Veronique Branquinho Fall 2015, rusty brown makeup

Rusty Brown

Rusty brown (turkey brown) is the color of the season. Yes, this and marsala. It’s all over the eyelids, the cheeks, and even forheads. It sometimes leans to peach or bronze but you get the idea, the fleshy brown is going to be great as a secondary color to your eyeliner or an independent eye makeup color.

Elisabetta Franchi Fall 2015

Elisabetta Franchi Fall 2015, orange-y red lipstick with winged eyeliner


If there’s one thing that goes toe-to-toe with the red lipstick for the past few years in terms of popularity it’s eyeliner. It’s everywhere and it’s used in all the different ways. We loved how it was used to accentuate the lower lash line at Versace, although it could be hard to pull off for those with heavy eyelids and droopy eyes.

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2015

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2015, overly dramatic three tone makeup

Two Tone Dark Makeup

Remember how I said that fall is a great time to wear daker heavier eye makeup? Well, two (sometimes even three) tone dark eye makeup and all kinds of smokey eyes are the hit of the season. For those who loves the eye accent it’s a green light on all kinds of color combinations you can come up with. At Karen Walker they even used the blue eyeshadow. At Monique Lhullier things got really dramatic.

Blugirl Fall 2015

Blugirl 2015, red lipstick 

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick stays with us for the time being. Many artists chose to pair it with some mascara and not much else. Slightly orange-y and pinkish reds will also do, as seen at Elisabetta Franchi, for example.

Preen Fall 2015

Preen Fall 2015, monochromatic makeup 

Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup is something of a novelty. At least we haven’t seen it that often. It feels fresh and looks great. The color choice plays a huge role in making it work, at least that’s what we think. The fashion week makeup artists chose peach or pink. Everything from eyeshadow down to lipstick is in one color palette. The key to creating this fresh look is minimal product use. Not too much of eyeshadow or blush, clear lipstick textures and a bit of mascara to open the gaze.

Kendall Jenner Giles Fall 2015

Giles Fall 2015, black glossy lipstick and rosy peach eyesahdow and blush

Dark Matt Lips

Dark matt lips are all the rage this winter. The Goth trend is back and it’s in makeup as well. Giles even went for a black glossy lipstick paired with the peach eyeshadow. This trend is particularly challenging to pull off in real life because dark colors and matte textures especially done together make lips look thin and mean, so if you have naturally thinner lips it’s best to stick with glossy lipsticks even if you plan on wearing those dark purples. Speaking of purples, both eyeshadow and lipstick will make you look trendy especially when paired with gold.

Trussardi Fall 2015

Trussardi Fall 2015, wet look hair and dark lip

In the hair department the direction was boring and mostly very autumnly. Side-swept parting and loose straight hair was all over the runways but certain designers went with more interesting hairdos like milkmaid braids at Mara Hoffman and side-pinned ponytails at Prada. Crinkled hair tried to make a comeback at Alberto Zambelli and Vanessa Seward but somehow we think it won’t take off.

Wet Wet Hair

The main hair trend of the season, though is wet look hair. It’s been spotted at major shows starting with Alexander Wang through Marni. Many went with the sleeked-down-at-the-roots look. Others went on to separate front strands and glue them to models’ faces with styling products. But we liked how Marni and Trussardi did the wet look, with a bit of wave and volume it looks quite good.

When it comes to nail polish color, the one and only you’ll need this season is marsala (dark berry, bordeaux, wine red whatever suits you best). Even better if it matches your dark lipstick.

So these are the top trends for the season, and we can’t wait to hear which one’s your favorite?

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