London Fashion Week Fall 2016 Beauty Highlights

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If New York artists were playing a lot with eye makeup, Londoners were ready to embrace the red lip in full again. Joseph, Tata Naka, Roksanda, and other brands went with the classic red lip while many others opted for darker reds making lips the focus for the most part.

At J.JS Lee and Erdem the models sported undone smeared red lipstick while at Charlotte Olympia even glitter lipsticks went into action.

The bold eyes were seen at Paul Costelloe, Bora Aksu, and Julien Macdonald shows, each expressing the style of the collection. I liked the combination of gold and asphalt grey shimmer at Paul Costelloe and the amazing ombre blend work at Bora Aksu.

Hair was anything but boring at LFW. Each show tried to go for unique texture and style. Crinkled hair has made an appearance as usual, but I doubt it will take off as a trend. On the other hand, hair accessories, effortless hairdos, and natural hair are going to be huge this fall.

London Fashion Week Fall 2016 Beauty

Alexander McQueen beauty look
Alexander McQueen
Sibling dark red lips
Paul Costelloe under eye eyeliner
Paul Costelloe
Julien Macdonald silver highlighted smokey eye
Julien Macdonald
Joseph red lip
J.JS Lee undone lip
J.JS Lee
Charlotte Olympia dark lip
Charlotte Olympia
Charlotte Olympia pink glitter lip
Charlotte Olympia
Bora Aksu lavender eye makeup
Bora Aksu
Tata Naka red lip makeup
Tata Naka
Temperley London hairdo
Temperley London

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