Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beauties: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli have recently split. But Leo doesn’t seem to despair as now he is rumored to date with another celebrated beauty, Blake Lively. Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively, whom would you prefer?

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beauties: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

One of the most eligible Hollywood bachelors, Leonardo DiCaprio ended his love story with supermodel Bar Refaeli. And very soon a young actress and model, Blake Lively replaced her. But do you think Leo has made a wise choice? Let’s sort it out, looking through the best looks of Leonardo DiCaprio’s beauties. Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively: whom do you prefer?

Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

It must be admitted both bikini babes look uber hot. Wonder what helps them to keep in shape?! We’ve learnt their hot body secrets and now ready to share with you.

Bar is rumored to prefer natural yet tasty food, moreover she tries to eat healthy, and only once a week allows herself to eat a burger with fries. Blake Lively’s hot body tips include intensive and exhaustive workouts combined with healthy eating plan.

Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively: Best Makeup and Hair

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beauties: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

Both Leonardo DiCaprio’s beauties prefer natural makeup that perfectly accentuates their delicate features and is wonderfully enhanced by blonde locks.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beauties: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

As for the hairstyle choice, Bar Refaeli is a frequent just-out-of-bed-look wearer. Natural waves are also one of the favorite Blake Lively’s hairstyle. I’ll leave you to sort out whose waves look best.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beauties: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

Also both of them were spotted wearing sleek ponytails. Honestly speaking I love the way Bar’s hair is styled more; it suits her better, than Blake, innit?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beauties: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

And in the end my favorite girls’ beauty looks. Both of them sporting chic updo coupled with flawless makeup and spiced with charming smiles.

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23 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beauties: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively”
  1. Anonymous Says:

    no competition! BAR

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. tom1992 Says:

    Bar has all that’s Blake in her pinky finger.
    NO competion at all!

  4. patri Says:

    oh please its evident you chose good pics of bar and bad ones of Blake. LOL

  5. Nicki Says:

    Bar without hesitation. Besides, Bar unlike Blake Lively, is a natural beauty.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Blake is a more interesting beauty, personality, and talent.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    It’s obvious whomever wrote this is a Barf fan trying to milk the last drop of her Leo fame.

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    BAR !!!! IS BEAUTIFULL Blake is simple and no competion at all it’s a joke? with the blue dress lively looks like a man and her face like an old lady..On the other hand Bar is so natural and pretty..Leo made a very very bad/bed choice this time…no doubt he is getting older the poor boy..

  9. Jacob Says:


    Really, I didn’t even know that Leo was still famous.

  10. hwhluck Says:

    Blake lively is absolutely much more beautiful than Bar. Bar cannot compete with her at all. Please look at Blake’s face, looking at her face make me thinking of the most beautiful hollywood super-star all the times. Her beauty crosses couple generation. And looking at BAR, I think of a country beauty from a remote area.

  11. SOME1 Says:

    r u serious? bar is the prettiest girl in the world!! shes PERFECT!

  12. Yoyoyo Says:

    they look alike !! lol

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Both are two beautiful, hot and sexy women. They are the most dedirable women of the world for much review. But Blake is much more beautiful than Bar. She are the most beautiful legs of the universe and her face and body are suberb.
    Blake are clever and Bar is ugly.

  14. Yvonne Says:

    Blake and Bar are the most beautifu and desirable women of the world. But Blake is much more beautiful than Bar. Blake are the most beautiful legs of universe and her face and her body are better than Bar.

  15. Ricky Says:

    Blake is the most beautiful in the world. Bar is beautiful but near Blake lose her beauty.

  16. CECILLE Says:


  17. Kim Says:

    I think Bar’s much prettier from Blake.. Blake is OK.. nothing more !When you say Bar vs. Blake,Bar wins!

  18. some1 Says:

    Bar is beautiful. Blake doesn’t.. Bar is beautiful and also nice!I think anyone saying that Blake is more beautiful, lying, and knows Bar is more beautiful than Blake. I mean.. look at Bar and look at Blake. Bar is AMAZING and Blake is ok..

  19. FREDY Says:

    Both are the most desirable women of the world, but Blake have a more agressive beautiful.

  20. ali Says:

    not only she’s amazing she also have some brain… bar ther is no doubt

  21. Gerry Says:

    Bar Rafaeli of course

  22. ? Says:

    Wawawawawait! They aren’t the same person?! Look the same to me… Nothing special. Leo is going to marry Kate Winslet. These blondies got nothing on Kate. She’s twice the woman they are. Look at there bodies… It’s like a 10-year-old boy. Kate, she has perfect curves.

  23. anoonyme Says:

    Bar has everything : beauty, agressivity, sensuality, sexy, she is the best

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