How to Make your Beauty Look Last All Day Long

Get ready to include your flawless beauty look in your busy work schedule with our guide to long-lasting makeup and hairstyle. Learn our tips on how to make your beauty look last all day long.

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How to Make your Beauty Look Last All Day Long

No doubt every modern woman understands how important is to make the beauty look last all day long. Today’s woman has simply no time to fix makeup or titivate her hair throughout the day. That is why we’ve prepared several easy tips on how to make your beauty look last longer. Follow our guide and enjoy your flawless makeup and perfect hairstyle all day long!

How to Make your Makeup Last All Day Long

  • Invest into a good primer. If you want to make your makeup last all day long, primer should become the key point in your morning makeup routine. Besides it provides smoother application of makeup foundation.
  • To make your lip makeup last all day long you are to follow several steps while doing your morning makeup. At first apply a lip primer which prepares and moisturizes lips, and then apply a concealer. It is better to opt for a creamy one. It will make your lips makeup last longer and lip color look brighter. And the last step is to apply a lipstick itself. To make your lip color stay all day long you are to apply lipstick and then blot your lips gently, after reapply lipstick and again blot them, repeat the technique for two or three times and only after complete your lip makeup with lip contour that would prevent lipstick from bleeding.
  • To get gorgeous eyelashes all day long you are to heat up your lash curler with hairdryer and then (!) very very carefully curl your lashes in the middle and near the tips. To keep your lashes looking natural, apply mascara ONLY at the roots of your lashes.

How to Make your Hairstyle Last All Day Long

  • Alongside with the makeup your hair also should look flawless all day long. And to make your hairstyle last longer, you are firstly to stay away from various hairsprays. Nothing makes your hair look greasy faster than a hairspray applied in the morning.
  • Switch to an extra-volume shampoos and conditioners to make sure your hair doesn’t fall flat.
  • Protect your hair against humidity using silicone-based hair products. But don’t abuse using hair products containing silicone; as such it tends to be harmful for hair.
  • Opt for no-fuss hairstyles, such as ponytail, French roll or classic braid. These hairstyles always look chic and keep your hair in place all day long.

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