How to Apply Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish trend has become increasingly popular nowadays. If you want to add a fresh fashionable zest to your nails then matte nail polish is exactly what you need, but that is a little problem with applying. And if you’ve already tried to do it you probably understand what I’m talking about. Then here are some essential tips on how to apply matte nail polish.

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Matte nail polish was invented in 1992. But only in 2009 matte tones came back again and won the heart of every fashionista. Since that time bright glossy nails were ‘replaced’ by matte shades of grey, black, blue and purple with no luster.

How to Apply Matte Nail Polish

The technique of applying matte nail polish shades is quite difficult therefore it requires some special skills:

  • At first you shouldn’t apply a transparent nail polish coat, before the applying of matte polishes, because matte cover will appear uneven.
  • It’s advisable to apply only one coat of matte nail polish, it will dry faster and the cover will be even.
  • Don’t apply a top coat as it will spoil unique matte effect nail polish gives and make your nails glossy.

Also you should remember that matte nail polishes work best on shorter nails. It is not necessary to purchase a lot of nail polishes with this magnificent matte effect, as now manufacturers can offer us a base coat that can transform any glossy nail polish into matte one.

Matte nail polish shades are daring, and so trendy, thus don’t be afraid of experimenting as the effect really worth it!

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