How To Apply Eyeliner

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Makeup is essential if you want to survive in a modern society obsessed with good looks, fashion and fitness. So, knowing everything about it is a must for every woman. If you haven’t mastered the skill of putting on eye makeup the tips on how to apply eyeliner given below could be helpful for you. Let’s start.


1. Choose the right eyeliner. There are a few aspects you should take into account when choosing an eyeliner:

  • Color. As you know there are plenty of eyeliner colors available: black, brown, plum, gold, green, blue and other, each of these in a variety of shades. The color of your eyeliner depends on the color of your eyes. For lighter eyes browns will work best while for darker eyes black can be the best option. Forest green eyeliner will make brown eyes pop, and silver and charcoal ones will look great on green and blue eyes.
  • Softness (for pencils) and density (for liquid eyeliners). The softer the eyeliner pencil is the easier it is to apply it, especially for women whose eyelids are wrinkled due to the age factor.


  • Quality. The higher quality you can afford the better.

2. Determine the look you want to achieve. Use pencil eyeliner for day makeup as they give you a softer look. And apply liquid eyeliner if you are planning an evening out or just want to achieve a dramatic look. Consider variations of your look, whether you want flicks or on, smudged look or precise one.

3. Prepare your eyeliner. If you are using a pencil, don’t forget to sharpen it. Check your liquid eyeliner for clumps or excess.


4. Apply your eyeliner.

  • Make sure the elbow of your arm rests on hard surface. Take your eyeliner as firm as you take a pen.
  • Tilt your head a little and half-close your eyes (so that you could see what you are doing and it is comfortable to you to perform the operation.)
  •  With the help of your left (or right in case you are left-handed) index finger pull your eyelid towards the outer end of your eyebrow (you can skip this as you might find it easier to apply your eyeliner without pulling the eyelid).
  • With short streaks draw a line across the upper lid as close to your lash line as possible. Make the line steady and beautiful. If you are using a pencil you might want to soften the look. Do it by gently smudging the line using a brush, a cotton swab or your finger. If you are using liquid eyeliner avoid any alterations of the line unless it looks like a mess. If this is the case use a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover to remove the line.


  • Work on your lower lids. Line your lower lid very close to the lashes. Move from the outer edge towards the inner one. Make a faint line. If it is good, make the line more distinct. Make sure your line is thicker at the outer corner and thinner near your nose. You should skip this if you have small eyes, or use a beige liner to accentuate your lower lid.


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