Hot Summer 2011 Makeup Trend: Nude Look

Nude look has traditionally become one of the hottest summer 2011 makeup trends. No wonder, minimum usage of makeup products and hot natural look is undoubtedly the trendiest one regardless even of the season. Learn how to look trendy with the help of the hottest summer 2011 makeup: nude look.

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Summer 2011 Makeup Trend: Nude Look

Frankly speaking, nude look or natural makeup is always ‘in’ despite of the season and fashion tendencies. And summer 2011 is no exception! Nude look dominated the catwalks of Chloe, Carolina Herrera, Dolce&Gabbana, Lanvin, Hermes, Proenza Schouler, and Stella McCartney fashion shows. Check out how to DIY oh-so-fashionable and hot nude look that would help to accentuate your natural beauty.

The main function of nude look or natural makeup is to emphasize your natural beauty creating the look of a perfect woman, who is pure and irresistibly beautiful. But it is not so easy to get nude look that would create effect of clean washed face, radiating health and beauty, especially if complexion leaves much to be desired. Thus it is very important to follow several essential tips of creating a perfect nude look.

Summer 2011 Makeup Trend: Nude Look

Glowing Complexion

The first and the most important is to create even glowing complexion, to get which you will need a good primer with light-reflecting particles, concealer to hide all the skin imperfections, light-textured makeup foundation and transparent powder to fix makeup.

To get that inimitable fresh glow you should apply a bit of blush to the apples of your cheekbones and carefully shade it with clean brush.

Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Perfect eyebrows (I mean color and shape) are the key point in creating nude look. Besides, it is essential to accentuate your eyes applying one coat of lengthening mascara and matte eyeshadows that chime in with the color of your eyes.

Alluring Lips

Apply a bit of delicate rosy lip gloss or lipstick to create natural yet very hot lip makeup. If your lip contour isn’t well-defined then use lip pencil to make it clear but don’t forget to shade it in order to get rid of definite borders.

Try to DIY nude look and don’t be afraid of experimenting!

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