Décolleté and Neck Skin Care Tips

Neck and décolleté skin is very delicate and sensitive as it contains few sebaceous glands. We speak and shake our head thus basic load goes to neck. But have you ever thought how we usually take care of our décolleté and neck skin…

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Unfortunately taking care of our face skin we usually forget about neck and all the more about décolleté. But neck claims higher attention as it is the part of our body that is sooo telltale of our real age. Therefore keep reading to learn our tips on how to take care of sensitive décolleté and neck skin properly.

Décolleté and Neck Skin Care Tips

  • It is obligatory to cleanse your neck very carefully every day. And it is better to use special beauty aids set for cleansing instead of usual soap.
  • In order to soften you neck and décolleté skin, flush it with filtered water with some drops of lemon juice.
  • If you neck skin is dry or fading you should use cosmetic cream or milk.
  • While taking shower you should turn water jets on your neck from various sides, as it perfectly improves blood circulation.
  • After cleansing your skin you are to apply special moisturizing cream. As a rule the cream is oil rich and nutritious containing toning and softening herbal extracts that regulate dehydration and strengthen the skin protection. If you don’t have a special cream marked for neck and décolleté you can use those creams set for dry or sensitive face skin.
  • As décolleté and neck skin is very sensitive cream should be applied very gently and the direction of massaging movements should be made bottom-up, from collarbones to chin.
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