Chinese Beauty Secrets for Gorgeous Look

Chinese beauties are famous for their forever-young porcelain skin, luxurious hair and slim figures. Keep reading to learn how Chinese women manage to keep their gorgeous looks using simple beauty secrets which are actually available for each and every one.

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Chinese Beauty Secrets for Gorgeous Look

Porcelain Skin

Perfect porcelain skin that is considered to be a norm for every Chinese beauty and an object of envy for Western women can actually be achieved as easy as 1,2,3… It is magical pearl powder which is made of blended oyster shells helps Chinese women create even and smooth skin tone. The secret beauty weapon of Chinese women is made of blended oyster shells which make skin look radiant and smooth. Besides, the magical powder contains minerals and amino acids which not only create even complexion but can help with wrinkles and acne. Alongside with the pearl powder, Chinese women like using highlighter to complement their facial features. Try adding a bit of highlighter to your foundation – it makes a great difference to your face!

Chinese Beauty Secrets for Gorgeous Look

Luxurious Hair

Go natural, if you’d like to get healthy and luxurious hair. Chinese women are known to use camellia nut oil to make hair grow faster. They rub it into scalp to promote hair growth. Besides, they are known to use hair rinses necessarily containing rosemary or green tea to help hair getting rid of toxins and provide their locks with proteins.

Chinese Beauty Secrets for Gorgeous Look

Perfect Makeup

Perfect eyeliner paired with dramatic lash extensions is the key component of the Chinese makeup. Make sure your line is clear, besides, it should be thinner in the inner corner of your eyes and get thicker towards the outer one. As for the lash extensions, they are really huge there. You can go for the fake eyelashes as well as opt for the lash extension procedure at the nearest salon.

Chinese Beauty Secrets for Gorgeous Look

Slim Figure

Slim figures of the Chinese women is not the merit of a strict diet plan. The secret of their slenderness lies in TEA! Chinese women have been drinking tea for centuries not only because of its taste. Green and white tea contains lots of useful antioxidants known for anti-aging and weight-loss properties.

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