Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Treatments to Keep Youth

Sometimes there is nothing celebrities wouldn’t try to get everlasting beauty and youth. And very often we can’t even imagine what they have to undergo in order to make it. Check out bizarre celebrity beauty treatments they are subjected to for the sake of youth and beauty.

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In an effort to look better and younger celebrities undergo various beauty treatments which sometimes are really wacky. Learn all the most bizarre celebrity treatments they go through to keep youth.

Katy Perry

Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Treatments to Keep Youth

Who could have imagined that the 26-year-old pop diva, Katy Perry, is among those who prefer ‘beauty injections’ to regular physical activity. Katy has recently admitted that to lift her buttocks she goes through the beauty treatment comprising injections of antibiotics, steroids and Vitamin B. Injections cause inflammation that can’t but lead to bottom lift. Surely it is not as safe as it may seem, this really dangerous beauty cocktail can cause serious health problems such as inflammatory abscess.

Denise Richards

Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Treatments to Keep Youth

Denise Richards is rumored to keep youth and beauty with the help of sheep placenta beauty treatment. Denise is exposed to a very unpleasant or even painful procedure. The matter is that cells derived from unborn sheep embryo are made into a cream that is penetrated into the patient’s skin with the help of needle-covered roller. The treatment is set to stimulate collagen production.

Angelina Jolie

Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Treatments to Keep Youth

In order to keep youth and beauty Angie uses so called Dracula Facelift that is set to improve collagen production using blood, or more precisely platelet rich plasma derived from patient’s blood. The blood-derived mixture is injected into the face giving an inimitable glow and smoothing out wrinkles.


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