Best Manicure Ideas for Summer 2012

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Don’t underestimate manicure – it’s a small but very essential part of the image of each women. It can “talk” to age, occupation, general health of the organism, the type of nervous system, harmful habits, aesthetic tastes and attitudes toward self-image. The problem is that not every woman is gifted with beautiful nails in shape. And that lifestyle we have nowadays including such factors as air pollution, heat, cold, chemicals etc. are reason our nails soft, fragile and ridged. So, ladies, do not neglect your hands, fingers, and nails, of course!

For many women getting a new nail design means something unique and exclusive such as airbrushed nail art, freehand nail art, creative real nail designs, professionally designed perfect real manicures, and few more amazing yet real nail designs. So, we are living in the twenty-first century nad fortunately have tons of innovative technologies and designs concepts, and it is possible to create great amount of classic and real nail designs with multitudes of themes and ideas. The summer 2012 is going to be unusually bold, bright, and dazzling! Check out the best manicure ideas for Summer 2012.

Animal Print + Bright Colors

Animal print style manicures are the hottest nail trend that’s donned by fashionistas of the moment. Go from simple to more complex patterns as soon as you’ve mastered the art of nail painting. Arm yourself up with the best brushes and products that guarantee the long-lasting hold of your sight-pampering manicure.

Black and White

Manicure of points in black and white. Just put on film one, two drops of green paint, dip the tip of the toothpick in the paint and make a dot on the nail. Allow to dry and apply a layer of clearcoat on top. At first glance, the colors are quite different, but together look very interesting!

Marbel Effect Manicure

This summer will be the season of sparkling, bedazzled nail art designs! You can use marbled effect nail art designs that look just stunning and give a sense of high finesse, although the creation process requires a low skill level. For the better result you should turn to a nail art needle or water nail art, be sure, the effect obtained will be incredible! The main rule of getting the perfect marbled effect is to mix two contrasting colors that underline the mixed pattern of the design. If done asymmetric, the results obtained will be even more fabulous!

Abstract Image Manicure

Abstract nail designs prove to be the best manicure trends to experiment with. Learn how to draw basic shapes using various nail polish colors. Improve your painting skills until you’ll be able to decorate your nails with more complex prints and images. Зick a few of the most impressive nail designs worth trying for the next year! Glam up your look and party-wear with a mani which radiates confidence and refinement. Bright tones are perfect to attract immediate attention whereas neutrals inject a high class flair into your appearance. Play around with the latest nail decorating techniques.

Cartoon Characters Reviving Your Nails

Cartoon characters are source of a joyful attitude towards beauty trends. Show off your love affair with playful manicure designs with these cute designs. There’s nothing more amazing than trying all these funky fresh nail art trends that prove to be the best accessories to complete your party-chic look. Use a versatile color palette together with different stickers, glitter and beads if you wish to take your nail painting skills to the next level.

More Bright Colors!

Show off your creativity with a manicure designs that allows you to experiment with a rich color palette and impressive prints. Use patterns that add a modern vibe to your look. Switch things up a bit and start your new year’s makeover with your nails. Use a high street beauty kit to prep the perfect canvas for the decoration process. Whether you want to wear these cute nail designs during the boring weekdays or party events, the point is to pay special attention to the tiniest details and choose a nail trend that suits your nail length and personality.

Floral Manicure Ideas

Floral nail art is both classical and the hottest nail trend that is worshipped both by designers on the runway and fashionistas on the streets. The urbane outfits and bright floral image on your nails can be the perfect combination that apparently will draw attention to your personality! Choose a large variety of nail polish shades can fit the situation and your mood.

Polka Dots!

Polka dots are some of the most used motifs when it comes to nail art due to their simplicity that can create a spectacular effect. Easy to do at home polka nail art designs are highly versatile being the perfect solution to brighten your mood.

Easy Manicure Ideas

The loveliest nail designs are here to breathe life into your manicure sessions. Experimenting with similar nail trends will allow you to bring out the beauty of your perfectly polished nails. Regardless of having acrylic or natural nails, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the magical effect of these nail polish shades and cool patterns on your appearance. The hot weather encourages you to kiss goodbye to neutral hues and embrace a bold and more vivid color palette, including all the neon, candy and bright tones perfect to tint your nails with. Use your painting skills and knowledge on how to combine the different textures and shades to create an A-list manicure. Let your nails speak for your fashion-awareness and refined sense for artsy nail designs.

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