Best Make Up And Hair From 2016 MTV Movie Awards

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2016 MTV Movie Awards were intense. A lot of stars showed up and put some seriously glamour show on. The latest make up and hair trends were on full display starting with brown lipstick and ending with unnaturally colored hair.

2016 MTV Movie Awards Beauty

Cara Delevigne at MTV Movie Awards
Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevigne showed up with her signature thick brows and loose mane decorated with a single plait along her side part. Her dark brown red lipstick was another thing that stood out. The trendy shade looked iridescent, which made it even more attractive. Her eye and cheek color matched with it greatly creating a very fresh modern look.

Kendall Jenner at MTV Movie Awards
Kendall Jenner

A sectioned ponytail is always a sight to see. It looks equally great at the gym and on the red carpet. Kendall Jenner may not have her sister’s affinity for hair color experiments but she loves a good ‘do for a special occasion.

Jessica Chastain at MTV Movie Awards
Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has paired her lip color to her statement ring. Her red lob was beautifully styled with barely there waves and her green eyes accentuated with dark eyeliner, which was just right for that dress.

Grace Helbig at MTV Movie Awards
Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig’s silver eye shimmer contrasted nicely with her periwinkle dress. Her opal platinum locks were tousled in the most glamorous way while her light pink lipstick

Gigi Hadid at MTV Movie Awards
Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid showed up with her Vogue bangs on. The model’s make up was done in monochromatic brown palette with the corner of her eyes highlighted. Gigi like Kendall loves an occasional drastic hair change but nothing too crazy.

Renee Bargh at MTV Movie Awards
Renee Bargh

Renee Bargh has sported the sexiest hairstyle. The sleek back beehive-like model hair went well with her white low-cut outfit and fabric choker. Her dark eye makeup done in black and brown shades complemented the look well.

Andrea Whitt at MTV Movie Awards
Andrea Whitt

It’s weird to see someone who’s not a rapper sporting sunglasses on the red carpet but Andrea Whitt can be forgiven for that for her rose gold locks looked divine. What do you think?

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