Beauty Looks From Met Ball 2013

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Now Met Ball 2013 is officially over leaving us with ambiguous impressions. There were a lot of different provocative outfits, but no less provocative were some of the beauty looks. Lest you be lost in the chaos of various beauty looks from the recent Met Ball, you should know that it was dedicated to Punk Couture. Since you know a little bit of context, you won’t be surprised much by the various peculiar beauty looks present at the event. So let’s take a closer look at some of the brightest beauty highlights from this famous Met Ball 2013

Beauty Highlighs From Met Ball 2013

Beauty Looks From Met Ball 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker Meets Lena Dunham At Met Ball 2013

Met Ball 2013: Headpieces

For instance, Sarah Jessica Parker with braided hair has also made a punk statement with grandiose mohawk headpiece by Philip Treacy. Katy Perry decided to be even more grandiose by wearing a crown and a gown with religious symbols by Dolce & Gabana.

Beauty Looks From Met Ball 2013

L to R: Katy Perry And Giovanni Bataglia At Met Ball 2013

Another cute headpiece hit right to the point. It was Giovanni Bataglia who wore it, also in golden who boasted a beautiful headpiece made from … safety pins! Who would have thought that these little pins can be arranged in such manner?

Met Ball 2013: Hair

Beauty Looks From Met Ball 2013

Nicole Richie At Met Ball 2013

Speaking about hair styles, these were rather boring, except for one occasion. Nicole Richie has dyed her hair pure white to match her beautiful long gown by Topshop Couture. She has completed the look with dark lipstick.

Beauty Looks From Met Ball 2013

L to R: Lily Collins And Alicia Keys At Met Ball 2013

Some celebs went for funky colored streaks, as presented by Lily Collins, who had few blue streaks in her brown hair and Alicia Keys who went for burgundy colored streaks.

Met Ball 2013: Lips

Certainly, the hippest color for the lips was dark red or dark purple, as it was present on most celebs who wanted to make an impact with their looks, starting from Nicole Richie and Rooney Mara to Miranda Kerr with her Hollywood smile.

Beauty Looks From Met Ball 2013

Miranda Kerr At Met Ball 2013

Met Ball 2013: Eyes

Now, some of the celebs went a little bit too far with their eye makeup making it up to the eyebrows. Jessica Pare, who wore electric blue Jason Wu dress had blue eye shadow, while Emily Blunt went for neon pink to punk up her outfit.

However, the most impressive eye makeup was spotted on Ginnifer Goodwin, who by the way was wearing Tory Burch gown. Her eyes were entirely black limited only by the black bushy eyebrows.

Beauty Looks From Met Ball 2013

L to R: Emily Blunnt; Jessica Pare; Ginnifer Goodwin At Met Ball 2013

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