Beauty Looks From Cannes Festival 2013 Part II

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As the Cannes Film Festival 2013 continues the celebrities also continue to stun with their outstanding outfits and beauty looks. There were surprising spectacular gowns, hairstyles and accessories that we are going to explore today starting from the romantic hairstyle of Heidi Klum to spectacular glasses of Emma Watson.

Cannes Film Festival 2013 Beauty

Cannes Festival Beauty

Allesandra Ambrosio At Cannes 2013

Cannes Film Festival 2013: Hairstyles

The hairstyles present at the event were really versatile from the gorgeous simple hair down worn by Viktoria’s Secret angel from Brazil, Alessandra Ambrosio during her attendance of the premiere of “All is lost”, to a sophisticated romantic faux bun worn by Nicole Kidman during the “Nebraska” premiere later on.

Cannes Festival Beauty

Nicole Kidman At Cannes 2013

The wavy hairstyle was really popular during the event, as many stars preferred to wear their hair this way, from Jessica Chastain with her red hair contrasting against the red dress to Zoe Saldana in her pale blue embroidered dress. Elena Lenina hairstyle once again appeared the most extravagant one, leaving the impression of the peculiar construction built on her head.

Cannes Festival Beauty

L t R: Jessica Chastain & Zoe Saldana At Cannes 2013

Cannes Film Festival 2013: Makeup

Cannes Festival Beauty

Izabel Goulart At Cannes Festival 2013

In subsequent days of the Cannes Festival, makeup did not appear as something specular. Of course there were some black eyeliner like that presented by Izabel Goulart, but mostly the stars opted for a more natural look, like the one seen on Marion Cotillard, Sofia Coppola and many others, including Nicole Kidman.

Cannes Festival Beauty

L t R: Marion Cotillard & Sofia Coppola At Cannes 2013

Well, those who like the bolder looks, like Dita von Teese, of course stunned the puplic with rather bright black cat eye makeup and red lips.

Cannes Festival Beauty

Dita von Teese At Cannes 2013

Cannes Film Festival 2013: Accessories

Cannes Festival Beauty

L t R: Kylie Minogue & Emma Watson At Cannes 2013

Another visible feature of the Cannes Film festival continuation was the abundance of various accessories. Some celebs chose to accessorize their looks by spectacular earrings, like Heidi Klum and Kylie Minogue, others chose to hide their eyes with the sunglasses, like did Emma Watson during the photocall of the “Bling Ring”.

Cannes Festival Beauty

Heidi Klum At Cannes 2013

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