Beauty Highlights From Billboard Music Awards 2013

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Now the annual Billboard Music Award is over, leaving us with impressions from the radiant youth beauty looks and in some cases these impressions are even extravagant and ambiguous. Follow us on this post to see the beauty highlights presented during the Billboard Music Award that was held in May 19, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beauty Looks From Billboard Music Awards

Billboard Music Awards Beauty

Selena Gomez At Billboard Music Award

Makeup From Billboard Music Awards

Now the young celebs all looked just fabulously radiant during the event, and all thanks to their sparkling outfits and most importantly – fabulous makeup. There were a lot of smokey cat eye makeup with very long eyelashes, like that seen on Selena Gomez, but one celeb was stealing everybody’s attention with her mesmerizing gaze – Carly Ray Jepsen.

Billboard Music Awards Beauty

Carly Rae Jepsen At Billboard Music Award

Her makeup fitted her outfit and nice dark red locks all too well. The purplish-plum smokey eyes highlighted her beautiful blue eyes, while the nude lip gloss slightly emphasized her lips. Now, Jepsen wasn’t the only one who chose to shine with colored makeup – Emmy Rossum with the shimmering lilac shadows and Hayden Panitiere with teal eyeliner also joined the team.

Billboard Music Awards Beauty

L t R: Hayden Panitiere & Emmy Rossum At Billboard Music Award

Hairstyles From Billboard Music Awards

Billboard Music Awards Beauty

L t R: Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift At Billboard Music Award

While most guests were wearing their hair partially down, like Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepsen and surprisingly Taylor Swift, some were not following the trend. Miley Cyrus showcased her feathery two-tone pixie hair back. Kimberley Perry came with a very charming romantic hair updo, while Kelly Rowland showcased a different kind of updo that was a little bit edgy.

Billboard Music Awards Beauty

L t R: Kelly Rowland & Kimberley Perry At Billboard Music Award

Nicki Minaj decided to let go of the technicolor wigs, arriving with the blond locks. However, she wouldn’t just be herself if at least one detail of her outfit would be natural – so she chose the false eyelashes. However, speaking of frizzy hair, the ringlets of Andy Allo looked prettier and well, natural. What is your favorite beauty look from the event?

Billboard Music Awards Beauty

L t R: Nicki Minaj & Andy Allo At Billboard Music Award

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