5 Ways To Rock Metallic Eyeshadow

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Metallic eyeshadow is a great product for creating a festive look. It’s sparkly and yet not as flaky as glitter. There are also quite a ways to wear it. The key to rocking metallic eyeshadow is to choose the color and application technique that will accentuate your eyes. Also the lip color combination is important especially if you are choosing the brighter or darker colors.

Metallic Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas


5 Ways To Rock Metallic Eyeshadow

Copper metallics are great for almost any eye color. They border neutral shades so you can even wear copper metallics with the brighter lip color. Olivia Wilde’s makeup with copper metallics is finished with false eyelashes and clear neutral lip gloss.


5 Ways To Rock Metallic Eyeshadow

Silver metallics should be worn carefully especially together with the eyeliner. White silver metallics can make eyes look smaller especially paired with black eyeliner. Vanessa Hudgens matched her silver metallic eyeshadow to her gray metallic dress and paired it with a berry lipstick. The result is a gorgeous evening/festive look.


5 Ways To Rock Metallic Eyeshadow

Similarly gold eyeshadow can be paired with brighter lipstick like dark or brick red. Selita Ebanks’ look finished with false eyelashes, side-swept hair and glowing complexion is simply amazing.

Metallics as Eyeliner

5 Ways To Rock Metallic Eyeshadow

Using metallic eyeshadow as eyeliner can make for an eye-popping look. Choose the eyeshadow that suits your eye color. Emma Stone chose bright blue eyeshadow and had it applied to both lids.

Smokey Eye

5 Ways To Rock Metallic Eyeshadow

One of the ways to jazzing up your smokey eye makeup is to wear it in metallic eyeshadow. Miranda Kerr went for brown shades, lighter in the inner corners and darker on the outer corners of the eyes.

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