5 Great Ways to Wear Pink Lipstick

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With the big holidays coming the need for some beauty inspiration rises and I am glad to browse through some celeb pictures as well as the latest beauty trends to bring you different party look ideas.

The pink lipstick is a great alternative to the classic red, which is also can be hard to pull off. So if you like the pink color it can make for a great base for your party look. Beside the sea of various shades of pink you can also choose between textures, finishes, and undertones.

Pink & Copper

5 Great Ways to Wear Pink Lipstick

Coco Rocha paired her pink lipstick with coppery champagne eyeshadow as well as some black eyeliner. It’s a great combination since the eyeshadow isn’t of strong shade and it still accentuates the eyes.

Frosty Pink & Winged Eyeliner

5 Great Ways to Wear Pink Lipstick

Keira Knightley went for a tricky lipstick finish – frosty. But she wears it amazingly. First of all, her eye makeup execution is next to perfection secondly the lipstick is applied carefully so that it didn’t build up and cover the natural lip color entirely. The gray lavender eyeshadow accentuates the wings of eyeliner.

Pink & Eyeliner

5 Great Ways to Wear Pink Lipstick

Another eyeliner look was sported by Alicia Keys. Here the lipstick is creamy and the cheeks are accentuated and sculpted by blush. The eyeliner is paired with neutral eyeshadow.

Pink & Gold

5 Great Ways to Wear Pink Lipstick

For a truly evening outing go with a pink gold combo. Here Kristen Stewart wears an intense pink lipstick and her eye makeup is quite elaborate. It starts with gold eyeshadow from the inner corners of the eyes and finished with the brown sparkly shade on the outer corners.

Fuchsia Pink & Champagne

5 Great Ways to Wear Pink Lipstick

Ashley Greene turned up to the movie premiere looking gorgeous in a fuchsia gown. She matched her lipstick to the frock but went for a bit darker shade in glossy finish. Here eyes were accentuated with sparkly champagne eyeshadow and false eyelashes.

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